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Coming up: AnneLise’s popular 8-week Travel & Food Writing class at MediaBistro in New York City.

AnneLise teaches in-depth courses and seminars on how

to break into Travel and Food Writing and Reporting. She is also a dynamic speaker on Inspirational Travel, on how travel can transform your life – even if you only go as far as your local Spanish tapas-and-sangria restaurant. In short: As you discover new cultures, you discover yourself. AnneLise has taught and lectured throughout the US and Europe, including at MediaBistro, NY Times Travel Show, the annual NY Pet-Writing Conference, national businesses and corporations, Barcelona colleges and education centers, and others.

Stay tuned for AnneLise’s upcoming – and, dare we say, revolutionary – seminar on Travel Transforms, in NYC, featuring authors and adventurers from around the world. They’ll each share the one travel experience that changed their lives – and show you how you can do the same. Contact AnneLise here for more details.